Paperstone Countertops

Manufactured in Hoquium, Washington

Manufactured locally in the Pacific Northwest, PaperStone is a versatile, composite surface building material with 100 percent made-in-the-U.S. raw materials. The majority of their products are 50 to 100 percent recycled paper and a proprietary non-petroleum resin. Most PaperStone products are certified recycled by the Rainforest Alliance to the Forest Stewardship Council standards and certified food safe by NSF International.

Durable, water resistant and easy to work with, PaperStone’s range of colors and sustainable construction have made it a favorite choice for a range of residential and commercial applications. Not only is PaperStone used for both household and commercial building projects as countertops, wall cladding, paneling and furniture, but its uses extend to more creative manufacturing to craft a diverse range of products from cutting boards to signage.

PaperStone is made from paper, natural pigments, and non-petroleumbased resins mixed, compressed, and baked at very high heat to create dense, durable, nonporous monolithic slabs.

  • Durable. Hard as a rock, but less brittle than stone or engineered quartz and a stain resistant, heat-resistant, non-porous surface.
  • Easy to install. Paper composite is lighter than stone and can be cut and shaped with ease.
  • Nonporous. The material is impervious to water, won’t harbor bacteria.

The PaperStone line has expanded from their Solid Color panels to include, their Designer Series adding lighter colors to the line, and CoverPly with a birch plywood core, overlaid on both sides with a PaperStone Panel layer. Available through Entero Design.

Our showroom’s kitchen display features Paperstone Countertops, so set up an appointment and come check them out.

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